Monday, January 19, 2009


We've had a wonderful long weekend. I truly enjoy being with my family all the time. God has blessed me with a fantastic family. Mom and dad flew to visit Aunt Sandy and the rest of the family since they couldn't over the holidays. David, Mauri, Caleb, and I drove down to Malakoff to visit my sister's family: Kimmy, Eric, Evan, and Ethan. Mauri had an Honor Band concert Saturday afternoon which put us 50 miles closer to Kimmy's family, so we decided to take a road trip to visit with them for a day or two. We had a great time together doing absolutely nothing. :) To me that is the best kind of visit. We had the privilege of worshipping at their new church: FBC Malakoff. Eric did a great job of leading us in worship and their pastor, Nathan, served up a great helping of God's word. I am so happy that they seem to finally be settling in to their new home and new community. I think they moved there 7 months ago tomorrow but it seems like a lifetime ago. I hated saying good bye today, but we had such a great relaxing time together and I know they'll be home soon...I think in two weeks. I wish our time there could have been longer but maybe so during Spring Break or the summer. I love watching Evan and Ethan grow up. My kids are teens now so I do enjoy seeing little ones blossom so quickly.

God has allowed me to spend time in His Word and with Him in prayer this weekend for a little one named Harper Stamps. It seems I know her mom so well even though we've never met. I've gotten into enjoying finding new blogs of Christian women through their own written word. Kelly, Harper's mom, seems so open and honest before her readers about Christ and how God is constantly working in and through her family. Please join me in praying for Harper's little precious God-given life and reading through her footsteps on mom's blog: . Her grandpa also updates on her life happenings on: . I am so glad God has allowed me to be a part of their lives even though only through a glimpse of their words via the Internet. I know the Internet can be used for bad, but I am in awe of how God uses it for His glory, purpose, and to bring Him honor through brothers and sisters in Christ lifting one another up to edify Him. This is another way God allows me and many others to be His hands and His feet to people in need. May this also lead many of us to be His hands and feet to others who live right at our back doors as well as our neighbors at work and in our communities. I can't wait to see what God has in store for the Stamps' family and especially little Miss Harper Stamps' footsteps glorifying and honor the One and Only True God.

I guess it's back to the grind stone tomorrow with my fantastic first graders. I feel I'm going to go back with a renewed, rekindled spirit to be their teacher. It is amazing how God uses my own life lessons as well as other people's life stories to influence and reach me in my everyday life. God is constantly showing me what an awesome responsibility I have in teaching the young ones. It is great to know the twenty little ones God has put in my classroom this year are being loved and cared for by Him through me. I love each and everyone of them and I know they all know how much they are loved and cared for as well as how much each one has learned in first grade this year. It is an amazing thing to be in charge of setting a firm foundation for someone's education. One of the best parts is to see a child learn to read and comprehend.

Well, I can't believe I'm all alone right now. Things change from moment to moment around here. We arrived home at 3:10 from our little road trip. By 3:12 two boys stopped by to hang with Caleb. By 4 Mauri's BFF came by to quickly complete a history packet with 85 questions before time for a movie with a couple of friends. I can't believe they did it, but they did. Therefore, Mauri just left to pick up 3 buds to see Mall Cop, Caleb is up the road shedsledding with 2 buds, and David is working out at school. Man a moment of piece and quiet after no alone time over the last several days. It's so strange but in a good kind of way. I can't wait until they all return to our home where they definitely belong.

God is good! All the time!


P.S. My sister just called to say Ethan, my nephew, has strep throat. He seemed to have a slight fever when we arrived Saturday PM. But we didn't think much of it. Then, Sunday AM he has a little fever. By last night he had some welps over his body. This morning a higher fever and bright red HUGE spots all over. She got him in for a 3:45 appt. with his Tyler doctor which is a good hour away. She said the test came back positive, so we've all been exposed. I'm just so glad we were able to be around them this weekend for a great time of fellowship and relaxation. Ehtan has been sick at home the last three Sundays and Mondays. We're beginning to wonder if he is just allergic to Mondays.

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