Wednesday, December 31, 2008

looking forward to a JESUS year

I am ready for a new year: 2008 has been a hard year adjusting to all of David’s choices. He will begin his 2nd semester in the doctoral program at Texas A&M – Commerce mid-January as well as teach an online class at Texas A&M – Texarkana as well as teach BCIS at high school. I hope he doesn’t choose to put anymore on his plate because I feel it is too full at this point. It wears me out just thinking about all of his duties. I’m glad all I have to do outside of my home is teach first grade. That is plenty full for me.

God has really put a lot on my heart today…so many things to think about and ponder in my heart. I do not like making resolutions because I don’t know if I’ve ever kept nor achieved a resolution before. I guess I’ll commit to things but not resolve…does that make sense.

Things I feel God is laying on my heart:

1. Instill the Word in my home, family, children: listen to Next Generation New Testament on CD daily + play more Christian music in our home – It’s all we listen to but not much music playing in our home usually the TV is on without us really watching it—all there seems to be nowadays is trash on TV anyway + memorize a verse or two for the month – post Scripture in home, read the one year chronological Bible with family daily + Experiencing God for youth – David and I have both been through the Bible study but the kids haven’t. I feel more than ever I must get my last teaching into Mauri. She’ll more than likely leave the nest in the fall of 2010. Therefore, I want Caleb and her to complete Experiencing God in our home before they leave the nest. I know how much I grew through this study and I’m praying they will grow closer to Christ through their study time as well. I'm looking forward to completing this along side them.
2. Keep up with housework, organization in the home, cooking more meals
3. Treat David better: accept him even when I’m not happy with his choices
4. Memorizing Scripture with my siestas – LPM blog and my family