Sunday, December 19, 2010

Shellye's status was too long to post on fb so here it is:

Shellye Sparks wrote to Sherry Sparks (David's mom) on facebook this morning:  "is sad because you "like" that your son and I are single on fb. After twenty-five years of commitment, dedication, and faithfulness to David I would hope you and your son would be brokenhearted to see this relationship over. It definitely isn't God's best for our lives, but I know I have the only Biblical reason for it. My prayer is that God will turn all of our hearts to Him with 100% devotion as well as have our priorities in order according to God's standards. I'm also hoping and praying that you will be one of the people in David's life to help him see God's will for his life to set his feet on the straight and narrow path that God has for each of us."

Carol McCarty (Shellye's mom) said "Well said!!"

David responded "I believe we need to stop sharing our troubles with the world. But since you brought it up, let's speak the truth for a minute. Lets remind everyone that I also gave you many years of devotion and commitment and I helped raised two beautiful children. Lets also remind everyone that I went to four counselors for over a year with you & I tried numerous times to help you see my side as well. Lets also remind everyone that we are both Christians who are seeking God's will and that only God knows our hearts we cannot judge the thoughts or intents of any heart, so we need to stop trying. Right now all we both have to focus on is the future.a future in which we need to consider the best interests of our children and show them we both love them and that we can be civil on Facebook or anywhere else. They deserve that. So right now I vow to stop the war of words on Facebook and I pray that we would stop making our private lives public. Let's remember that there is no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus. It needs to end today. Please send only private messages from now on."

Carol McCarty said  "I have to say Shellye didn't have affairs but you did!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Ask God to help your family make it with out the husband and father that you vowed before God that you'd be."

David then deleted my parents and me as his friend on fb.