Monday, May 25, 2009

Mauri's at State - and we're with her!

Today is Memorial Day! Happy Memorial Day! I truly appreciate all the men and women who have fought for my freedom. Also, I am grateful for all who keep us safe each and every day. Something I take for granted all too often.

We are staying at the Radison Town Lake in Austin right on the river. We have the best view ever. We can see the bridge where 1000's come to see the bats take flight each evening. It was awesome to see last night. Caleb took a couple of great videos of the bat flight. There are suppose to be about 3 million who take flight each evening. I have no idea how they have that count but it's out there.

This morning I've been amazed by the Capital of Texas Triathlon right outside our window. Our view is perfect. We are on the fourth floor. On our bridge is the running portion across the river to the 2nd bridge which is on our right is the bicycling portion of the triathlon and in between the two bridges is the swimming portion. I've never even seen a triathlon except on TV. It is definitely inspiring. Maybe I'll finally try to get healthy and in shape over the summer. It will have to be a lifestyle change that lasts a lifetime.

On Saturday we drove to Tyler to shop and eat with my sister's family. We were able to spend the night with them and go to worship with them on Sunday morning. We ate a quick bite and headed to Austin. We arrived in Austin last night around 6:00. It took us an hour or so to actually find the registration for UIL. UT is huge. They need to put signs outside each and every bldg to make it easier on people when trying to locate something at UT.

Mauri is out her state compotition right now. David (her sponsor/coach today) and Mauri have a meeting at 11:15 AM. She'll preform first in Editorial Writing at noon. Second event is at 12:00 PM in Feature Writing. It lasts 2 hours.

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