Thursday, June 4, 2009

What a Special Day in the Life of Our Family!

Today brings many incredible memories! Mauri turned 17 this morning at 9:55 AM. I am so proud of her. She is celebrating with friends this afternoon and then with the fam on Saturday.

Caleb is graduating 8th grade! YEAHHHHHHHH! I'm so glad this day has come. He graduates tonight at 7:00 PM. Caleb has overcome so many hurtles in his life. I am incredibly proud of him and all his accomplishments. This closes the book on many hardships and issues he has overcome. They are finally and totally completely 100% behind him.

Tomorrow is a new day. Praise the LORD! My baby will be a freshman. I hope he continually has hope in his future. His future is so bright and the beginning of high school gives him another opening to his future. His outlook is better than ever before. He is becoming a man. God is in control and we know that but more importantly Caleb knows that. He is focusing on his studies more than ever before. He's kept all A's and with only 5 B's his entire 8th grade year (2 - 88's and 3 89's). All of the rest of his grades were in the A range! :) He has signed up for a Distinguished Diploma as his goal for High School. At this time in his life, he still wants to be a video programmer or something to do with technology. I am so grateful for endings and beginnings. I am extactic that the last four years of schooling are completely behind him.

I am sorry the entire family can't attend his 8th grade certificate ceremony. My dad is ill with kidney stones and dehydration and might have to be hospitalized. My sister is at the Scrapbookers' National Convention in Dallas with some girlfriends. My mother-in-law has bronchitius. My sister-in-law is ill her lupus troubles. My brother is having to entertain big wigs who are visiting his district. I am so glad David, Mauri, and I will be in attendance. It's his big day and I don't want to take anything away from his day.


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  2. Happy Graduation Caleb! I love your picture! We're so proud of you! Eric, Kim, Evan, & Ethan