Saturday, January 2, 2010

Our Clean Room

Here is what David and I have worked on today. Our bedroom actually looks like a quaint little hotel room. I love our home.

Can you see how much David enjoyed cleaning our room?  Pic #1 is his true countenance until he knew I was posting the pics so he changed his attitude instantly to Pic #2....Isn't he great?  He had to bust a move on our home today.  I'm still not up to par so he had to do most of the work.  However, Praise the LORD, I was able to do more housework as well as fold tons of laundry.  I'm so glad it is behind us never to pile up on us again...hehe!


  1. Wow! I am amazed! I love David's sweet face too! Keep up the great work. I need to see a picture of Mauri's room too...maybe a before & after shot! :) And you CAN keep up with the at least one load a day & it will help! That's what I do...and that means put it up that day as well. One load a day is much easier than lots once a week!

  2. We're still working on getting totally caught up. As soon as we think we're about down another load is looming in our home. Mauri just announced her dirty laundry is hidden in her closet. At least two more loads from her room alone, but at least we have a good handdle on it. You need to keep us accountable. Every time you contact us ask and tell us to get a move on. Mauri's room still is NOT down but she's made a big dent.

    Have a great first day back tomorrow. Is Evan staying with Eric since he doesn't go back tomorrow?