Thursday, March 19, 2009

I love sunshine!

I was so looking forward to Spring Break, BUT I came down with the flu on Friday. It has been a long week of sickness, and I am tired of being sick. The flu part is behind me but the exhaustion, sinus, cough, etc. is staying on for the long haul. Mom has been sick with the flu and now the "leftovers" since last Wednesday. My precious Mauri got the flu Tuesday while on the Mission Trip. Praise the Lord she is home now sleeping. I pray her round is short lived. It is no fun being sick ever but especially on your Spring Break. God has blessed us with a beautiful week. Last week was dreary and rainy all week long. This week has been absolutely gorgeous. I love the sunshine. It just makes me happier lifting my spirit.

I have got to get well immediately. My house needs my attention. I want it clean but for some reason it doesn't do it on its own. To bad I'm not wealthy enough to have a maid. I realized last night while talking to a friend it would be smart to have someone come clean once per week because I'd be in such a frinzy my house would stay clean all the time. If someone is coming to the house, it must be spotless. Therefore, hire a maid and the problem's solved ... right? Don't I wish.


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