Sunday, March 15, 2009

a lot has happened in a week

Man this week has flown by:

Tuesday: Caleb was inducted into the National Junior Honor Society. We are so proud of him. It was such an amazing moment to see Caleb on stage seeming to enjoy himself. (I'll post a pic in a few.)

Tuesday night: Mauri no longer has a prom date. Her choice started liking a friend of Mauri's who also already had a date about a week after he chose his tux which was about 3 or 4 weeks ago. Finally, he had the girl he likes ask Mauri to go with this girl's date. Mauri agreed to let him go to the prom with the girl he liked and told this new couple she'd find a ticket for the guy who was left without a date.

Wednesday: Mauri spoke to the young man who no longer had a date. He told Mauri he didn't care/didn't know if he went with her or went stag because a bunch of his friends are going stag too. I felt this young man would enjoy hanging out with all the guy friends who didn't have dates either than to go with Mauri. So Mauri quickly found this sophomore a ticket and began looking for a new date.

She spoke to the one she truly wants to go to the prom with, but he doesn't attend QCHS and is somewhat shy. He didn't feel comfortable attending since he didn't know any of her friends. I feel Mauri understands how he feels. Therefore, she asked the guy who she told she'd take last summer. He said he'd love to go with her, BUT he has a track meet. He doesn't go to her high school either and cannot miss the meet.

Thursday: I think it has finally hit Mauri; she might be stag. She has realized she wants a date and cannot come up with a solution. We prayed.

Friday: 1/2 day of school YEAH! bad part: I got the flu -- by 7:00 PM I had a 103.9 temp. I was miserable to say the least. But, Praise the Lord, Mauri called to tell me she has a date for the prom. God sure worked fast. :) The only problem was 30 minutes after getting a prom date the guy who was let go from his date so she could go to the prom with Mauri's first date texted her to see if she had a date. HUGE DILEMMA. Mauri told him she had. He said his parents wouldn't let him go without a date. Mauri felt horrible. It had been 3 entire days before he let her know, so I'm guessing he must have just informed his parents Friday night. I prayed as much as I could for the situation.

Saturday: Mauri got ready to leave for the Spring Break Mission Trip to Houston. I was concerned for her because the girl who is now going with Mauri's original date to the prom will be attending with her. She is quite upset with Mauri due to the girl saying Mauri gave her her word she would take her dropped date. Mauri gave her her word she'd find him a ticket to the prom. Especially after Mauri spoke with the boy and he wasn't interested in going with Mauri. Praise God -- while Mauri was at the church preparing to leave the boy without a date and the original boy who was going with Mauri to the prom and the girl who is now going with Mauri's first date arrived at the church together. Apparently, the 1st boy talked with the dropped boy's parents and they might let him go to the prom alone since a lot of his friends are going alone.

I know this seems like a lot of mumbo jumbo but I know who these kids are and I want to record it without their names being on here. This way I have a record of how things took place so I can watch how God's hand is constantly at work through my kids' lives as well.

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