Thursday, March 26, 2009

Last night our Youth Minister, Dustin Byrd, served up a helping of spiritual food. I know God was using him to speak to me. It was about getting and keeping your priorities straight. There were four main points:

1. focus on your Father
2. focus on your family
3. focus on your faith
4. focus on your fruit

This last year has probably been the hardest year of our marriage. I can't let go of the idea of David being gone from home so often. He is also on a health kick and has been since last summer. David has made many lifestyle changes the past year while I've taken a back seat. I truly do NOT like this position. I am a control freak. He has totally pulled the rug from underneath me. I've been in this pit for so long and am sick of it. As David is bettering himself, I'm letting go and falling deeper and deeper away from him. He looks great. He has lost 55-60 pounds. If he isn't teaching, going to college 2 hours away from home Friday PM until Saturday PM, studying for college, teaching a college course, taking his online class, leading music for a church every other Sunday, spending time with Mauri and Caleb, drinking water, eating healthy, or exercising he is sleeping I guess. All the while, I sit by and watch, wondering why in the world I don't get up off my duff and do something. I'm not talking about physically doing something all though that would do me a world of good I'm sure I'm just not willing at this time. I mean spiritually doing something. I need to get up, dust myself off, continue tending to the children, teaching, but also spend much more time in the WORD. I do my daily devotion and I am reading through the Bible this year, but I need more!

God is definitely up to something big in my life during my spring break DO OVER! I never clean...hate to clean...never do laundry...hate laundry...hardly ever cook...don't like to clean after I cook. David has done so much for so long that he has finally taken his life back into his own hands doing his own thing. I don't blame him. I do blame me. So today on my first day of spring break DO OVER I'm blogging a lot [this is my 3rd post for the day ;)] and cleaning my home before my sweet hubby gets home. He has no idea I am off today. He knows I am tomorrow to go to the conference but he doesn't have a clue about today. Therefore, I have four more hours before he gets home from teaching and working out with Caleb this afternoon. I truly think he might faint when he arrives. I can't wait to see how much I finish before he gets home.

Right now all the windows are open and fresh air is blowing throughout our house. It is smelling so much better. While I type the birds are singing and God is melting my heart for David. I am so glad. I definitely need to give up, give in, and get over my bitterness of being left behind and not just being happy with the way life was...David is happier than he's ever been and I'm as miserable as I have ever been. Therefore, I'm grateful for the work God is doing in my life right now at this very moment today.

I thought I'd just sit a type for a moment about last night's message but look where God just took me. Isn't God great!

Also, one more thing - I watched Wednesday's with Beth last night. Her message was very fitting for me right now as well. To God be the GLORY!

Excite the Flame
Six points:
1. Exalt (my relationship with Him above all else)
2. Expose (expose myself to people who are using their gifts for HIM) 2 Timothy 1:18 (refresh my soul - Omnipherous refreshed Paul)
3. Experience (truly and powerfully - extraordinary gift from God --- experience a whole lot of things in Christ to see if the Spirit of God is going use it)
4. Excel (be good in your gift - let God be great)
5. Exhale (rest - take the Sabbath)
6. Exit (know when it is time to exit from what God has you doing into the next journey or opportunity)

Whew - I had know idea what God was about to do to me by just sitting down, shutting up, and typing out what I thought was a little snippet into my life. Thank you God.

I'm so glad the kitchen is clean now to the bathrooms. It's smelling better in my home already.

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