Thursday, January 22, 2009

...and here I sit at home :(

Well, my assistant doesn't have strep...she has a viral infection. She is sick at home today too. I had a horrible night. I couldn't sleep throughout the night. I felt horrible. It is unreal how bad my throat can hurt. I ran a fever all night long until about 10 AM. I still feel pretty bad. I hope the antibiotics kick in soon so I will feel better. I need to be at school tomorrow. I hope David and Caleb will stay well. Mauri stayed home until 11:45. She needed to stay home the entire day, but she just can't stay down long.

Mauri is suppose to be at All Region tomorrow and Saturday, but due to her illness we had Mr. Brannan call the people to have an alternate go in her place. I just don't think it would be right to allow her to go and spread the sickness. I hope she'll be okay with it.

She has been looking at prom jewelry and hairstyles. It seems like she is close to making a decision. Oh, also she has a date. He is a great guy who is a gentleman :) which makes me feel very comfortable with her going to the prom with him. Everything is going so smoothly so I hope it will continue.

Mauri is thinking about having an invitation only after prom party. I think she needs to keep it small to her closest friends.

I keep praising God for all He has done with and through her. I am glad it is coming together so well.

I guess it is time to go back to sleep. I've been awake too long. I need more rest. I hope this throat will get well soon.


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