Saturday, January 31, 2009

Second Scripture Memorized

I did it. Praise the LORD! I've memorized my challenging Scripture in one week. God is good; all the time! :) I am amazed at the Scripture He gave me and how much it has already helped me. Also, God has already used my first Scripture for the year many times in the last 30 days. I've also been able to use Isaiah 26:4 to lift up a brother in Christ.

It is amazing to see baby Harper (, just 2 precious weeks old, doing so well. God has allowed her life to impress His love and miracle within me as well. I am in awe at how God is using an infant to draw so many to Himself. There have even been some come to know Christ for the very first time. Praise you Jesus! Baby Harper is now in a regular hospital room at the Children's Hospital in Tulsa. Thank you LORD for bringing her into my life via the Internet.

David is in Commerce for the 2nd weekend in a row...only 13 more to go for his doctorate studies (for this semester). Caleb is snoozing, and Mauri is at a UIL event in White House on the other side of Tyler. Caleb is only sleeping due to him being awake when Mauri and I got up at 4:45 AM. He was not happy when he had to get off his game, but when I went to check on him 10 minutes later he was already sound asleep. He has his bass lesson at 2:30 today. He is getting so good on it. I can't wait to see what God has in store for him in this area of his life. I am so glad God has blessed their lives and are musically talented. Mauri sings in the youth praise band, and I think Caleb is beginning to desire being a part of it through playing the bass. I am in awe at how God is allowing them to get in front of others to worship Him while leading others to worship Him too. I never stood in front of a crowd ... too shy and frozen. I didn't even want to go on stage to pick up my diplomas. ;)

Have a great day in Christ,


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