Wednesday, January 21, 2009

I DON'T like being sick!

Well, we found out, Ethan, my precious nephew had strep Monday afternoon after we arrived back home from visiting this weekend. Mauri was diagnosed with strep throat yesterday afternoon. And've guessed it...I have strep. It is NOT fun being sick. I hope to make some chili soon and then I'll start feeling better...I hope. I hope I don't pass this on to my husband or son. My assistant left early today to head to the doctor with what she thinks is strep throat too. I also hope I don't pass it along to any of my first graders nor colleagues.

Please continue praying for pretty princess Harper who is still in NICU in Tulsa. God is continuing to do great things.

Also, please pray for Coach Warren, our newest AD. :) He has been off chemo since last summer because the spots on his liver continued to stay dormant. But, today they were told the spots on his liver had grown some. The largest growth was 1/2 inch and the others grew a little. He will start chemo this coming Monday. Please continue to keep his family and him in your prayers. God has done miraculous things in their lives over the past 19 months. He has a wonderful wife (a 2nd grade teacher), and three sons (2nd grader, kindergartner, and a 26 month old.

Thanks for praying!


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  1. I just wrote a comment & it deleted it! AAGGHH!! How do you get this background? Maybe this weekend I can figure all this out...I have to go make a Calculus test key now. :) Fun! You didn't call & tell me you got sick shouldn't have hugged Ethan so much! :) Kim